About Trace Creek Calls
Handcrafted in Eastern Maryland

Trace Creek scratch box calls are crafted by Joe Spicer, lifelong hunter and wood carver who has a love for the outdoors and a passion for hunting the wild turkey.  He has spent many seasons in the mountains of Pennsylvania and the rolling hills of Maryland.  

The scratch box is one the most natural sounding calls you can work on a long beard.  It has fooled many an old Tom Turkey.  The calls are crafted from several different woods, such as maple, oak, walnut, butter nut, or a wood of your choosing.  Each call is engraved with Joe's personal freehand artwork and tuned to the sound of the wild turkey.  He knows what it takes to bag a big Tom!  His calls will break the silence on any morning.   

Joe also has a selection of machined six inch box calls that are not hand crafted.  These calls are made of poplar, walnut, and cherry.  They have a great sound and feature his own artwork.

We Break the Silence

Trace Creek Scratch Box Calls

Purchasing Information

Scratch Box Calls


The scratch box calls are $18.00 each, plus $6.00 Shipping and handling. 



Machined Box Calls

The machined box calls can be purchased for$15.00 each, plus $6.00 shipping and handling. 



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